Monday, 2 July 2012

Love Thy Neighbour !!

 The babies are doing fine, it has been much cooler over the last couple of days and Zazu has had a little coat on to protect him from the rain showers that appear from no-where. Zavia is full of life and spends lots of his time pestering the new baby...I have seen him having a bite of Zazu's bum !

 Unfortunately the 'Love Thy Neighbour' has not rubbed off onto the alpacas where the pigs are concerned....the alpacas spend lots of time ......screatching a warning call and running away up to the top part of the field.  The new mothers take their babies further away so that they have a head start .... on the survival run from the scary neighbours !  Niggy, Noggy and Norka are oblivious to the chaos that they are causing.....

 Watching the scary monsters that have appeared in the orchard/chicken area. 

 Noggy and Norka on the rampage running in for bed-time.

The younger girls in the big field which is temporary accommodation watching the boys.

The other neighbours don't cause such a stir, Norris with the mother Orpington and her chicks now enjoying their freedom in the orchard.


Shirley said...

The piggies aren't 'little' any more are they? They've become 'biggies!' Take care. shirley & Robbie

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Isn't it strange ours never bothered with our neighbours pigs at the old house.

Terry said...

I think the piggies are cute, even if the alpacas don't!