Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sunshine & Showers !

 Here is Zoretah greeting me today, the weather is very unpredictable the moment, its red hot then raining within minutes.  She has been soaked with one of those heavy downpours that we have been having.  Zoretah is one of those lovely alpacas who just love to spend time with you...she is always happy to have a cuddle.  Needless to say she is very special, regular readers will know that she is just over  one year old.  When she was born last year she was huge and needed a helping hand into this world .... that was when the friendship was cemented and I just love her !  Having said that ....I love them all !!

 Zazu today has decided to try a leaf or two, the Dockings grow faster than most other weeds in the field, so every helping hand is appreciated. He chewed on this for ages.....but I don't think he knew how to drop it.  Zazu is also a friendly bundle of mischief... just like all the babies.

 This picture captured the inquisitive nature of the babies, today.  Marquette is sunning and the babies were amazed at her, they couldn't quite make her out. Zanto (L)  Zodo(M) Zazu (R)  The boys are full of mischief and got a telling off when they interrupted Marquettes afternoon snooze !

When I grown up ...will I be as big as you !  Little Zodo is looking up to Trienza.  He is doing just fine, he might be small but he is all there.

 Just to prove we have had some sunshine....in between showers.  The girls are all back together will the younger girls from last year and this years babies.  Mind you they still like to come in for bedtime !

Zavia is the oldest of this years babies, he has been spending some time pretending to be a haversack.  He has started to do what little boys do, I don't mind but he is teaching the younger little boys....bad habits !


Judi B said...

Wow...a puddle! We've just about forgotten what they look like over here at the moment! Those babies are gorgeous, never tire of watching their antics!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Its nice to see everyone together, lovely photo's.

How many more have you got to birth?

Terry said...

They are all adorable! Love Zazu's coloring.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

We are having exactly the same weather here. I am just used to being soaked now!

Lovely photos, the cria are looking lovely and look so happy and healthy.

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