Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oh .. Baby ... Baby !!

 Today has been one of those exciting days, the sort that just happen when you are least expecting it.  After keeping a close eye on the girls for over 2 weeks and trying not to get caught out....that's exactly what happened this afternoon....I have been checking the girls early morning and knowing that the babies were due anytime Now.!! However after turning them out this morning, I was busy bedding up the barn ready for evening....I then went in for some dinner...I thought that I'd have an easy afternoon, I had just walked into the conservatory with a cuppa tea...looked over the hedge to see the girls....and I saw THREE ! ...for a brief moment.... I thought to myself.....I had TWO earlier !!   Then I realised...I've got a new baby...I ran out to the field to check who's who !  As I had two babies due a quick check and I quickly realised that Marquette had just given birth to her lovely brown baby....who was up and moving when I discovered them....this little one was born at 2pm.  He is a beautiful little BOY ....He has been named...and I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of Zanzibah ZODO.

As I was checking over the new arrival.....I saw that Dusty was lying down......I thought to myself ..that she also had decided to have her baby today....within 20 mins Dusty was having her baby too.....I watched then from the bottom of the field and I did have to help reposition the baby to help with delivery......so here is the second new arrival today....He was born around 2.20pm.  He has been named and we are also pleased to announce the arrival of Zanzibah ZANTO.  As he is the full brother to ZETO, I thought the name was fitting.

Tonight as we have rain again, everyone is inside keeping warm and cosy....here are the two new arrivals this evening, having a well earned rest.

The new arrival is greeted by Zavia and Zazu !

I am always excited to see what the new arrivals look like, I can honestly say, Zanto is a double of Zeto and he is very similar to Zimushka, his full sister who was born here last year.  Its lovely to see that my plans and breeding programme is working, Dusty is a wonderful mother and has produced some fabulous grey babies here.  In fact Marquette is her first baby she had who came with her at foot all those years ago....its quite strange that they both decided to have their babies on the same day.

Zavia, the oldest of this years babies having a good sniff of the new arrival.... Zodo.

And finally...this is Zazu he is now 11 days old.  He is growing up fast and its amazing just how fast these babies grow !


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Wow, what a busy day you have had today, and another grey from Dusty; fab!

Blues certainly seem to be dominent this year don't they.

Shirley said...

Really great to see the wee ones Jayne - well done! Shirley & Robbie

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Great news Jayne - long may it continue.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

See what happens when you decide to have a quiet afternoon...what an exciting day it turned out to be...Congratulations!

Mark said...

A double bubble day! Well done!

Terry said...

Wow, what a day! Congratulations!

Ron Bourton said...

Those new arrivals look gorgeous...they just need a little sunshine in their lives!

Ron Bourton said...

Just in case you wonder who "Ron" is..it's Judi, (in disguise!), because I had to use his ID to post!


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