Friday, 17 August 2012

Animal Maddness !!

Earlier this week we had visitors, well they actually came to buy some hay and got a little distracted by some of the strange animals who live here !  This is Katie, with her Dad, she just loved Minstrel who was happy for a cuddle and a quick photo.

The weather has been back to the usual, not very summery at all.  This is a photo of Zonda who is fascinated with Slinky .... she happened to find her sitting on the fence post, Slinky was hoping the Zonda didn't spot her !!

Peek - Boo ! Stravinsky is hiding behind one of the hay bales...the boys think I haven't noticed that they have been pinching hay !!

Need I introduce these lot !   I was busy washing out their feed dish and started to squirt them with the water from the hose, they all thought it was great fun.  Norka is having a whale of a time.... after the bath they found some sawdust and just couldn't resist a good roll in it !

After a good roll, obviously any piggy needs a good scratch ..... on any thing that happens to be there !

Norka having a sit down after all that excitement. 

Finally Zeto and Duke hiding, they think I haven't spotted them .....but I have !


Rosemary said...

Love that photo of Zeto and Duke!
Well, like all the photos really!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Loving the Duke & Zeto shot, and as for Slinky great move stay on the post of you may become a playmate for a giant!

Terry said...

Jayne, you might have made Katie a life-long alpaca fan!