Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You can't win !

How can you resist this gorgeous reception, Zoretah is last years baby ...and has a special place in my heart.  She is always pleased to see you and always puts a smile on my face..

 Zazu is growing up fast, he is full brother to Zirrianna, both of these babies are very similar in colour.  They get this unusual colouring from their dad Zanubis.  He is passing on his unusual colouring to his offspring which is a real bonus. Both have beautiful fleeces and with American Peruvian Champions in their bloodlines .....I'm sure they are going to mature into something special.  

 Zoretah is maturing into a lovely girl, she has quite unusual markings, she is a lovely rich brown colour with very dark legs, but as you can see she also has tinges of very light points under her heels and belly.

Zullulah, on Sunday I decided to put some 'Spoton' fly repellent on some of my darker girls, I have used this before with no problems.  But there is always a first time, she was fine all day and they were brought in for the evening.  She started to behave strangely, cutting a very long story short....we ended up having the vet out late evening as she clearly was is discomfort and not at all happy.  It was decided that she had an allergic reaction to the 'Spoton' and she was given an injection of Finadyne to help ease the symptoms, by morning she was much happier but not quite back to normal....you just can't win, trying to do your best to give fly relief.....but I won't be doing that again !

This is a photo of Zeto just before shearing this year.  He has a fantastic  fleece with a beautiful consistent colouring and lots of it.  This year he yielded 4 Kgs of blanket fleece alone, excluding any second cuts.  Zeto's fleece has been sold to a customer from Germany, who came to buy fleece from me a month ago and just couldn't resist buying all of it !

I was slightly reluctant to sell all of it, but I have kept Zimushka's fleece for me to use, who is Zeto's full sister.  She also has a very nice fleece and lots of it.  

And of course this year we have Zanto born here, who I'm sure will follow in the footsteps of his siblings !

Talking of Zeto, things are getting rather exciting here at the moment.  There is just over two weeks to go until my last baby arrives.  This will be Zeto's first baby born, so I am very excited to see what he produces and I wonder if it will be an elusive Girl !


Rosemary said...

Flies are awful down here - but then again, so is the weather!
Hope you get that elusive girl - and that the weather is good!
Are the pigs happy with this weather?

Terry said...

Oh my gosh, Zeto's fleece looks amazing!
I love Zoretah's fuzzy ears. So cute.

Judi B said...

The vet suggested thst we tried Versatrine (pour-on)a couple of years ago against mites, flies etc. and it left three girls staggering around the field, bumping into things and very ill. The vet gave a drench for the liver to counteract it, but it was few days before they were right. Whilst most of the herd were affected, it was worst with one family of females. Always a worry when giving any new treatments.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I've heard of spoton causing problems before. I've used crovect in the past which works well and I've had no reaction and I know others that use it without issue.

It's extra exciting when you are expecting your first baby from a homebred stud isn't it.

Shirley said...

Zoretah has a lovely rich colour, Jayne. Interesting observations on Spoton - you can never be too careful with alpacas and medication.