Sunday, 12 August 2012

We have Hay !!

We have Hay !  After days of working after the quest to make hay, the job is done.  Last night part of the 10 acre field was ready for baling, it was so hot the pending haylage was far to dry, so I made the decision to turn the field once more to finish it off into hay.  By early evening the field was rowed up and ready for the baler to arrive. I have managed to get 44 bales in total.

There was about 3 acres cut here and this has resulted in 34 round bales.  The hay is lovely and has baked in glorious sunshine !  Not a drop of rain on it.  I was intending to make halyage first but couldn't resist the opportunity to make some lovely hay.  I can always make haylage a little later on.  It only takes around 3 days from start to finish and does not need such hot dry conditions.

This is Zirrius, Hamish and Rufus having a good look at the newly made bales.  When I was rowing up the field, I did have a bit of a delay, part of the hayturner came loose, and it took me a little while to sort it out, its not easy being a one-man band....but we manage and by the time the baler had turned up, I had managed to repair the problem, fix it and get back to the task of rowing up.

This is a photo of the girls going out in the morning, they are convinced the pigs are hiding in the orchard and keep over to the fence, just in case.  After their scare, they are always looking for the pigs, who are no where to be seen.  I am bringing them in as I am in the process of treating Zirrianna with a course of injections for a bacterial infection that has been causing her some problems.  After a skin biopsy, it has revealed that she is suffering from a chronic bacterial folicalitis on her face, so she is currently having a course of injections over the next few days.

The professionals..... with the big kit !  I am a novice, compared to these guys....but we manage to get the job done.  Its a great feeling to have the end result baled up and in the fields......especially under the circumstances.  I can now have a few days to recover before the next chapter !!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Time for a well-earned drink of your choice, and to bask in the glow of a satisfactory job, well-timed and executed!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...


Terry said...

Yay! It's a great feeling to have hay put by for winter.

Shirley said...

Good job, Jayne!