Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Centrifuge Facility Available

Some eagled eyed Blog readers, will have noticed that I have a little notice regarding an alpaca plasma facility now at the top of my Blog !!
 After a year of researching the opportunities regarding sourcing alpaca plasma in the North of Scotland and getting no-where.  I have decided to take the plunge and buy my own little Centrifuge.  This will mean, I can have the vet come and do an on site harvest of blood at my farm.  I can then spin up as much as I need.  This also means I will have an emergency supply of plasma on site.

I will be able to also offer this life saving facility to anyone who might need it in the area !
Last year, I had to use some plasma which was very kindly donated to me from Wellground Alpaca Stud, if I didn't have this option then my lovely little Zoretah might not be here.  This was the catalyst for me to actually do something about the lack of this facility near to me.  So sometimes you just have to stick your neck out and your own thing.  I believe that this machine will be a great investment, not necessarily a financial one, but more of an emergency solution to a potentially life threatening situation.  If the option is here to give plasma.... that is a much better option, than not to have the opportunity at all. 

It is always when you least expect it and in emergencies....with hindsight, the offer is a back up facility.  Obviously you never want to need it, but life will dictate that we just might oneday.  Better to try and be prepared for every eventuality, than not at all.

This is Zirrianna, this week, she is now on tablets, as I asked the vet if I might be able to have some, instead of her having injections all the time, she was getting quite crusty around her injection sites.  Her face is much improved, less crusty and her swelling under her eye is going down gradually.  We are hoping that after this months course of tablets, maybe she can have some surgery to correct her under eye swelling. 

Its a dogs life ....!!  there are two here .....Zonda with Jessie providing a very nice head rest. 


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That's a great move Jayne, and I'm sure you'll find some demand for it, apart from the satisfaction of being more self-sufficient.

Rob @ Wellground said...

Well done Jayne, the machine does look impressive. I am sure it will be very valuable to you up there.
Rob n Les

Shirley said...

Yep, we did see your 'advert' on the blog - a great idea and good move on your part. The machine looks a bit like a bread maker so be careful after a couple of glasses of the red stuff if you decide to make a loaf! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Maybe you can also use your centrifuge to spin down your faecals for parasite testing so you can keep your eye on what is around in your herd and trwat only as and when necessary. Maybe that centrifuge will be a great investment...not for bread-making though!

Judi B said...

Whoops...that should say "treat" as necessary! No red wine..!

Terry said...

The centrifuge sounds like a great idea. I hope you never have a crisis and need it, but if you do, you are prepared.
I'm so glad Zirrianna's sores are healing. Poor sweet girl!
Love the doggy pillow, too cute!