Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Working Boys !


This is some of the stud boys here ....Barnacre Duke on the left, Zeto light grey, Zanubis rose grey & Wellground Stravinsky.  It has been a busy day here today, the boys have been busy today.  We have had a break through today, after five attempts for Duke to finally get the idea...the penny eventually dropped. It was his last chance today to prove himself and join the rest of the boys who hold the title of Zanzibah Stud Males.

Wellground Vital Spark (front)  Wellground Stravinsky (middle)  & Barnacre Duke (rear)
This will be the first year that Duke and Stravinsky have worked !  Stravinsky already has one of my girls spitting off ....so that will be very exciting indeed .  He has covered four girls here this year.  Duke has successfully had one romance ! Zanubis and Zeto have also had a couple of girlfriends and Dusty has once again had her regular guy, Zelqui, they appear to produce lovely little grey babies, so I'm keeping that the same .... until things change.

The boys out grazing today ... after a busy day. 

Zavia and Zazu ... having a moment.

Zazu ... he is growing up fast.

It has been a busy day here today, I have managed to catch up with the rest of my matings, I will have only one more to do in a few weeks time.  The last girl will be Salsa who has just had her baby last week.  I will check then with some spit-offs to see who is holding their pregnancies.... if  there are any who have not taken, then I will wait until Spring time next year  ... as it will be getting a bit late for
re matings.


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Glad to hear you have made a man of little Dukey, he was always such a mummy's boy!

Terry said...

The comment from Debbie made me laugh!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

What a fantastic view and with the added attraction of a field full of studs, what more could you want!