Monday, 3 September 2012

Guess What I'm Doing ... Part 2 !


Yes, you guessed it ...... phase 2 of the haymaking !  This is a view of the hill, this field is around 8 acres and was cut last night.  I have decided to go for it, after lots of pondering, humming and haring regarding the weather forecast on the Internet.  Not one forecast agreed with the other, but honestly after lots of pondering, this week looks the best one, out of the next two.

A brief photo last week of some of the girls, Zimushka and Zadi~Blanca watching Zonda in the garden.

Us, just finished the turning of the remainder of the 10 acre field.  This is about 4 acres which will be turned into haylage for my horses winter feed.  That's the plan, I'm hoping to have this baled up either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday weather depending.  Then it will be wrapped and stored outside which is great as it means that I don't have to find a barn to keep it in.
A break from the norm !  Well everyone deserves a bit of play-time .... even me never mind Niggy, Noggy and Norka !!  Out for our evening wander last night.

This was the pond last week after torrential rain and flash flooding, it was so full the water breached the little dam that was made to keep the water away from the part which is yet to be dug.  The pond will resume sometime soon, when the contractors have a spare day or two after harvesting all the barley.

For some reason, quite a few regular readers missed the mention of Zirrianna and her on-going problem.  This is a photo of her last week.  She still has a long way to go as you can see.  This is turning out to be a persistent problem.  After skin biopsy's what she has is a deep chronic bacterial follicle infection.  The white is cream to try and help moisturise her skin.  This problem is a real nuisance, she has had to have her eye-lid stitched out, as it was causing her to have an ulcer on her eye.  Her treatment is still on going, a combination of Steroid and Baytril injections.  Its proving to be really stubborn to get rid of ..... but we are doing our best to try and get her cured.

Zirrianna on her better side ..... It just a complete mystery how this has happened or even what has caused it !
We are still waiting for the arrival of the last baby here.... we are 344 days and counting.  I'm sure this baby will arrive when its good and ready !


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Hope the weather is kind to you for the hay, and hope Zirrianna continues to improve - skin problems do take a while to turn around.

Terry said...

Poor Zirrianna! Poor you! I hope she heals soon. It's so stressful worrying about our 4 legged kids when things aren't right.

Shirley said...

Lots of hard graft in the fields there Jayne so hope the hay all turns out well. Poor Zirrianna, hopes she gets sorted soon. Shirley & Robbie

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Good luck with the hay and the skin problem Jayne. Sounds and looks very similar to Hoity's problems here, unfortunately we are still looking for a cure.

Judi B said...

Jayne, have you tried one of the special shampoos for skin problems? We have used these with success...twice weekly until on top of the problem. We also use Predniderm, a topical cortisone/antibiotic for really persistent problems (on non-pregnant alpacas). Do hope you manage to sort it out soon.

Rosemary said...

Hope the haymaking is going well - weather has been nice here but it is a bit up and down.
Best wishes to Zirrianna

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