Friday, 19 April 2013

Boys Night Out !!

We have had a lovely sunny day here today for a nice change !  It has been a nice change from being battered by gales, thankfully we survived.

As it has been such a nice day, I have decided to leave the big boys out, this is the first night this year for them to be left out overnight.... its a lovely calm evening and its about time that the weather was picking up.  The alpacas were wondering tonight if they we coming in for bed, but I managed to persuade them otherwise.  All the alpacas have nice fleeces to keep them warm at the moment, its only a couple of months until they will be sheared.

Just another little job on the 'to do list' ..... I got a lovely load of logs last week, which will need to be cut and chopped for the fire for next winter ...

The youngsters are doing fine, starting to grow up nicely, we caused quite a stir when we were out for a little walk the other day.

A view from the house looking across the fields, the girls are down eating the haylage and the babies are in the distance, I only have 6 bales of haylage left and the grass is no-where to be seen, hopefully if the weather stays warm and sunny it will spring into life. 
I'm keeping a close eye out for my summer friends ... the Swallows, they are late this year.  Last year the first ones arrived with us on the 13th April ..... then I know that summer is well and truly on its way !
On a summery note, its only 12 weeks until the first Zanzibah babies are due to arrive !  This will be an exciting year as we are looking forward to hopefully four of Wellground Stravinsky babies, as this will be his very first progeny  here.... I'm really quite excited to see how last years plans, turn to reality .... like most of us with babies due, its a mixture of excitement and worry all at the same time.
Its lovely to see other breeders new babies arriving already, but we shall have to wait a little longer I'm afraid !!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Spring has been confirmed by a spate of toads here, some 'piggy-back', some rather too flat in the road, and one tiny one crossing the lounge floor! No rush for cria, let it warm up!

Shirley said...

Good to see your beasties are all looking well after the long winter, Jayne. Looking forward to hearing when your swallows arrive as they appear with us shortly afterwards.

Rosemary said...

We are also chopping logs - but really trying not to think about next winter yet!