Sunday, 7 April 2013

Now you see it ... Now you Don't !!

The task last week .... this is about half way, 7 loads Monday, 6 loads Tuesday and 8 loads Wednesday !  So that was 21 loads ...@ 5 ton ... I'll let you do the maths ! 

This is the finished look ... the area will need a little tidy up another day.

Onto the next job, I had a Willow tree in the garden that need to be moved as it was growing too big where it was. I have planted it in the field where the girls are .... hopefully it will grow and be happy there. We just about managed to get Ruby through the garden gate with an inch or two either side !

The horses are tucking onto their haylage ..... we have snow again today, we are down to 9 bales !!  When will we get Spring.  Last year the Swallows arrived on the 13th of April ... at this rate they'll need their winter woolies.

The 'Bigin' enjoying some sun .... if you look closely ... you can see him smiling !!

Ah .. the babies .... Zirdar, Zazu and Zanto in the distance ... well it is an alpaca blog after all !!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Going going, gone!
Dung, dung, done!

Shirley said...

Now thats a lot of.............muck! Even we haven't got that much to shift! Good to see you smiling and all the beasties happy despite the poor weather. Shirley & Robbie

Terry said...

Wow, what a big job!
We've had a lovely warm break in the weather, but Monday it's back to winter. 9-13" of snow expected.

Rosemary said...

Can't believe how cold it still is here - haven't managed a day without my bright orange snow suit!

Lovely piggy photo!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Please excuse the method of contact Jayne, but my blog is now accessed through the web-site Latest News - hope you can re-subscribe)