Sunday, 28 April 2013

Domestic Goddess Wanted !!

I fear that I might be turning into a domestic goddess .... with my new purchase !  This is something that I have wanted for quite some time and apparently alpacas are 'too posh to poop '

With an ever growing herd, I have decided to invest in a paddock hoover, its a good excuse to do the hoovering.  I'm not so excited about the other kind of hoovering, but we have to multi-task up here.  Having said that, I have been very busy tidying up as I have visitors this week.  My friend Irma and her daughter Kim are visiting for a little holiday.  Its about 2 years since they last visited and it will be a very nice few days.  We might even get the hoover out and do a field spring clean as I have willing volunteers.

Little and often thats the way, I have started to block some of my wood.  It will then be split into logs and eventually stacked in the wood shed.  After this is done there is another load in the boys field waiting to be chopped. 

Last weekend when I was collecting my hayrings and hurdles, I must confess I managed to resist the lovely little pygmy goats....but I did see a lovely little foal who had been rescued.  Its a sad tale, the mother had died through neglect and the SSPCA were involved, the people have fostered her and she was only a day old.  Thank goodness for kind people who have the dedication to give her a good start in life especially after such tragic circumstances.  She is called Bella and was having her bottle when I arrived.  Hopefully this will be a happy ending and Bella can enjoy a lovely life.
Why do some people cause such misery and suffering on animals .... its beyond me !


Rosemary said...

. . and me.

Your Hoover looks exactly the same as mine!

Shirley said...

Snap!! We've chosen to mention the same subject in our blogs - although your poover looks a lot more efficient than ours! Happy scooping. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Enjoy your hoovering! We have uhm'd and ah'd about a poover but in the end we can't really justify one with our little crew...after all it only takes about 30 mins twice a day including mucking out the hangar so probably as long by the time the machine is set up. As we don't really have much poo to clear, I actually enjoy doing it it...wierd eh?!

A Country Chicken said...

Now THAT must make life easier?! I am still scooping by 'hand', but mine is going all over my garden lawns at the moment - it's great having home-made fertilizer! :) Lisa

Terry said...

So glad kind people rescued the little foal. I have a rescue dog and 2 rescue cats - someday I will have a rescue horse. The need is so great it makes me sad.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Awww that poor little foal, some people are unbelievable.