Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fleeced !!

Little Zazu being brave for the very first shearing !  He looks so different you would hardly recognise him.  The big boys were sheared first, most were well behaved with the exception of .....guess who ...yep Duke !  He put up a hell of a fight and James had his hands full .... he was dealt with swiftly, but I'm glad they all don't behave like that.  He's a big powerful boy and he took some holding.  But James knows how to handle the alpacas and once he was tied he was ok.

This is little 'Dolly Mixture' having her date with the shearer, she was a real princess, no fuss and just behaved in a dignified fashion, unlike some !!

Zaninni is not happy, he was having a right strop with anyone who dared to get in his space.

Zoretah, she was a darling and the girls were very well behaved, we started shearing at 8am and didn't finish until after 1pm.....only stopping to change blades, the babies have all been micro-chipped, I hate that big horrible needle.  Most of the herd have had their annual vaccinations, except for the pregnant females who will be vaccinated in their last four weeks of their pregnancies.

Zeto, before .....

and after !

Stravinsky is hiding behind the tree.....all embarrassed
Zerquo ... he was full of himself after shearing, he is a bit of a stirrer.

The babies, recognise who's who !

Look at me !  little Zyisha, has lots of multi coloured spots.  Its lovely to see just how spotty she is.

Some of the girls resting after their exhausting day with the hairdresser.
So we are all set for summer with our new summer look.  We will be getting ready for the babies to arrive mid July onwards.  Looking at the girls after shearing, I'm confident I have 6 definitely and 3 might be's  so we will just have to wait and see.


Rosemary said...

Don't they all look sleek?!

Unknown said...

It must be especially exciting to see the greys shorn, they look so different than when fully fleeced. Glad it went well. Now we need some babies!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Loving the spots :-)

Terry said...

I love the spots too. And Zerquo is adorable!!!

Bev said...

Very sleek, but don't their ears look unnaturally large straight after shearing. Getting used to it now but our Hamish look like bat ears, and such long legs too..

Shirley said...

All looking great Jayne - glad it went well with the shearing. Shirley & Robbie

A Country Chicken said...

They all look lovely :) Lisa