Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just in time for Summer !!

Zazu, Zanto, Zodo, Zirdar & Zavia  (L to R)
With the promise of summer, I thought I'd better take some photos of the alpacas before they get sheared on Friday.  Here are the little boys yesterday out in the big field enjoying some nice fresh grass.  This is my hay field, but I have been letting them graze in here to allow their field a bit of a rest.

This is Wellground Vital Spark, known as 'Sparky' he is alittle camera shy and always moves just as you try to get a picture.  This was the best shot that I managed, funny how some of them like having their photo taken and pose quite happily, whilst others are really hard to take.

Zanubis and Wellground Stravinsky, thankfully both boys were posing together, so I managed to get a quick picture.

This is Zazu, any prizes for guessing .....'Who's the Daddy'  He is a little duplicate of his dad, Zanubis.  He carries a lovely dark grey fleece, he will look very different come Friday !

We all have one ... he is the Poser !  This is Barnacre Duke.  He is happy to have a photo.

Little Zanto, he is the brother to Zimushka & Zeto, my grey stud boy.  Zeto had 5kgs of fleece last year with a 4kg blanket.  I am always excited to see if we manage to get a similar result,  I have kept the same mating and it is always exciting to see what Dusty produces.  Out of three matings I have three lovely greys, I wonder what this year will bring. I have always promised myself, if we get a different result I'm going to try her with Zanubis, but she produces these lovely babies, so as the saying goes ... If it ain't broke... don't fix it ! 

Zazu, Zavia with Zanto, Zirdar and Zirrius in the background ..... I haven't run out of 'Z' names yet !

Piggy Piggy ... Norka and Noggy also enjoying some sunshine, its about time to.


Rosemary said...

Gorgeous colour fleeces!
And your alpacas pose beautifully for their photos!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Great photos Jayne, the herd are looking good...we will see a big change post Friday no doubt...those stud boys will be looking very different when those massive fleeces are removed!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Don't you just love those fluff balls! If it's been as hot up there as here they will be looking forward to Friday.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

On the 'zed' theme, your herd would work well in Zummerzet! Lovely to get a set of photos fully fleeced.

Terry said...

They are all Beautiful! Love those little boys!

Shirley said...

Wonder how many bags of fleece we're looking at in these photos? All looking good Jayne, hope the weather holds for tomorrow for you and Saturday for us. Shirley & Robbie