Sunday, 2 June 2013

Made to Measure !

Today I managed to finish off the job that was halted a couple of weeks ago, when my handle snapped off the tractor !  This is the first time I have mucked this part of the boys barn out.  It was always made with the idea that I could fit inside with little Ruby the Siromer tractor.

Thankfully, we must have built it right as the little tractor fits inside snugly .... which is great, this means that I can muck this part of the barn out with ease !  It only took about an hour to finish off the boys barn.  More to the point the handle stayed put.  We are shearing next week, so I thought that I'd get this job done, as you can bet your boots that the weather will change after shearing and the boys will be needing their barn.

Doza is settling in, this is him enjoying a walk round the wood.  It was the first time I had let him off the lead. I think he enjoyed the walk with lots of new smells and places to explore.  Zonda has been rested this week and she will be out for walks soon, I have been just letting her enjoy the garden.

We were at the vets last week for Doza to have his vaccinations, when we were there I got him weighed, I guessed between 50/55kgs.  He currently weighs 53kgs, but when he is mature he should be around 60/65kgs, so he has a bit of condition to gain.  He has a good appetite and is eating around 1kg of food a day plus .... eggs, which is great as the little rescue hens are providing us with lots of lovely eggs. 


Shirley said...

Hope Doza the Dug doesn't eat you out of house & home! Shirley & Robbie

Terry said...

He's so cute!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Our Velvet would be a good friend for Doza. She collects the hen eggs every morning ( we only have 3) and goes and hides them all over the farm. Then when she has visitors she goes and gets one to show them (mad as hatter is Velvet!)

Rosemary said...

She will be enormous!!

Mark said...

Well done Jayne, you are a legend! Doza looks great, love his face!