Monday, 8 July 2013

Super Large Delivery !!

 Its all happening up here ..... we've been busy last week, why does every thing happen all at the same time.  Last Sunday we were busy taking delivery of a rather large item !! It was so large we only had an inch or two to spare !!  But where there is a will .... there is a way and we managed.

Plenty of room I reckon, I was guiding not driving, mind you I did do  spot of escort duty at the front of the convoy !!  on route back home.

This was the start of the moving saga ..... my Dad had the caravan hitched up on his car to move it into place ready for  loading on the trailer. We were on about 3hrs to get it all up and secure then we were off to bring the caravan back to its new home !

All loaded up and ready to go.  Then the fun started all again back home to get it off.

Now sited on the farm, I have sited this near to the pond you will be able to overlook the pond and watch the wildlife.  The caravan is nestled down near the bottom of the wood.  There is news on the pond being finished soon, so I'm hoping when it is all done this will be a lovely place to spend some time.  After all the jobs are done mind !!!!

The weather is fantastic at the moment, my beautiful climbing rose has burst into bloom it is covered by  a huge display of scented roses, this is the best that it has ever been. You can see some of the logstore, packed up with logs for the winter....but for now its time to enjoy some sunshine.

The boys are spending most of the day sunbathing and sleeping, this can't be said for the humans unfortunately ......

as guess what I'm doing ! .....a spot of haymaking !  The haylage will be made later on.

The rose ...... is blooming much like the girls, we are nearing the last week of two girls.  These are the first to birth, both are huge and it could be any day now girl Holly, is mated to Wellground Stravinsky, so this will be a very exciting first arrival and the other girl is my grey Dusty its always a mixture of worry and excitement ... just wish it was over with then I can relax a bit .... till the next one !!


Rosemary said...

Wow! That's some delivery - and what a wonderful place to put it!

Good Luck with the hay making!

Judi B said...

...and there's me expecting to read that you had delivery of a huge cria! Enjoy the sunshine andd you know what they say..."make hay...!"

Rob @ Wellground said...

Fix up the leccy and water, Les and I are moving in :)

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said... must never get bored's one continuous adventure up there!

Shirley said...

Glad you are parking it up and not considering loading it with pacas and going on your hols! Shirley & Robbie

wern ddu said...

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