Friday, 26 July 2013

Zanzibah Zaroo .... has arrived !!

It has been an exciting morning ....we have a new baby, the very first cria from Wellground Stravinsky.  I have been waiting for this to one to arrive.  We have an absolutely gorgeous light fawn boy .... I have named him Zaroo.  This name comes from a Spartan War Cry ...'Aroo' with a hint of 'Z'.
Zaroo is only minutes old and hasn't even dried out yet, he has a fantastic bright fleece already and little 'cats whiskers' .....on his nose.

I had to help rearrange the legs as they were crossed and this makes the birthing more difficult.  He was born quite quickly at 10.10am.  I am yet to weigh him but he looks a fine healthy cria.

I have been keeping a very close eye on him this morning and he was up and about quite quickly but he was failing to feed, as the sun got hotter I noticed he was becoming more I have brought them back into the barn out of the sun and flies.  As I carried him in, I noticed he had a small umbilical bleed, this has been tied off and has now stopped.  Once inside I give him some lamb 'Quickstart' to boost him and give him some extra needed strength.

I have since seen him feeding and he is doing ok, but it just goes to show, you can't be too complacent, left without intervention, I fear he might have just gone down hill rapidly in this heat. I think I like my babies born into cooler weather, no flies and no overheating !!  At the moment mother and baby are doing fine.
Us Brits are never happy ...with the weather are we ....anyway ....more photos and updates to follow.  When he dries out.
I shall be putting the girls and babies out later in the evening when it cools down and the flies have ....buzzed off !!


Rosemary said...

What gorgeous little whiskas!

I hate all these flies around - they attack my cria eyes.

Rob @ Wellground said...

Beautiful Jayne, just perfect.

Rob n Les

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good news Jayne - flies a bit of a nuisanace here too.

Shirley said...

A bonnie wee mannie, Jayne - well done! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

He looks like a real cute little chap and a gorgeous colour too!

Flies bothering certain of ours at the moment too, mainly the browns and around their eyes.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Congratulations Jayne....very cute looking chappy!