Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome Showers !!

Little Zambo is doing just fine, he has continued to thrive since the day he was born.  I do like it when the new babies have a strong will to live and are up and active, its a bit of a relief.  It makes life a little easier and hopefully he will continue to do well, he is now 4 days old and he has started to run and play which is lovely to see.

We have had some heavy showers here today, which is a welcome change from all this hot weather....the pond has started to slowly fill up, I can't wait for it to be full ...funny how when the weather is cold and rainy all you want is sunny days then we get an actual summer and all you want is rain ....and some cooler days to have a rest from the heat and all the flies !!!

This is our way of cooling off in the heat ... we have sprinklers !!!  The boys just love to stand in range, mind you Zelqui is sitting right in the middle and gets a real good soaking. 

The view from the pond back up to the house ... you can see the pipe which feeds the water into the pond, it is happily running throughout this hot dry spell, so there shouldn't be any problems when the weather turns back to normal !  I have always wanted this pond here and did a spot of water divining to trace this pipe back from the burn which runs along one side of my boundary ....I have been watching the water running through the pipe and it hasn't altered at all since the long dry weather .... which is a relief ...I'm sure in the winter this pipe will be gushing, but by then will be at the bottom of the pond.  We have an overflow pipe on the opposite side of the pond, so hopefully once the pond reaches a certain depth, it will discharge back into the burn.
I am still waiting for Holly to have her cria ...she is hanging on, I thought she would have her baby before Dusty ...but what do I know.
Wishful thinking .... I'm guessing (hoping) its a little Fawn Girl ...worth the wait this will be Wellground Stravinsky's very first cria ....he has some fantastic genetics including Silverstream Czar of Anzac on his Sire's side and Wellground Ruffo's Reflection on his Dams pedigree.
I guess you can't rush royalty ..... so I shall just have to wait and see ... what we get ....
The more I watch ... it seems the less is happening can bet your boots....I'll miss it !!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Very impressed with the water divining Jayne - did you use twigs or wire?

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

We have all turned in to true Brits haven't we? Never satisfied with the weather. Too hot, too cold, too dry, too will be too windy sometime soon!

Shirley said...

Zambo is looking good, he really is black. The Olympic pool will probably fill quite quickly once the rain starts!

Rosemary said...

Zambo is gorgeous! Lovely, lovely black.