Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The 'Dirty Stop Outs'.... at Sunset !!

This one is for you Debbie, as I know that you are wondering how the Alpacas are coping with their 'Nights-Out !...

So I took my camera with me the other night at feeding time to record the moment !...I must say, I think that they are enjoying the lovely evenings that we have been having.

However, there is always one !.....now last year Zaninni was being pestered by the midges biting his ears, I thought that this might be a one-off, but its not. He is having the same problem this year, so we have treated him with some Deosect fly repellent mixed with pig-oil. I know this sound horrible, but I don't think that its from pigs.....I think that it is used for preparation when showing pigs.....I hope anyway.

If this does not work, but I think it will, as I have used it with my horses, with great results. I am thinking of making him ......now wait for it !!!.......some ear protectors....nice bonny ones just like what the Peruvian people would dress their alpacas in, so he has some street cred out in the field, I might even put some 'Pom Poms' on !...... I'll keep you posted.

If I make Zaninni a little stylist head-wear, I can guarantee you one thing....it will be on the Blog !... with pictures of course.

Those horrible midges....... I can see the need to get the field-shelter built........another job on the list !!

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Debbie said...

Bless him. We seem to have lots of them this year and like you say they have their favourites to gnaw on.

Can't wait to see the pictures. I must get one of Palm-Olive in her new rather bright coat for the blog.

Hope to see you at Northumberland Show, tell your dad to get his walking sticks entered they usually have lots there!