Friday, 15 May 2009

Its like winter......guess where we are !

As I type the wind is blowing a gale and the rain is lashing down, we are been battered by a right storm, quite frankly its like winter.....we have had a good run of fine weather and I thought that spring had sprung, however as the saying goes........Don't cast a clout till May is Out !......and its true.

If I did not know any better I'd swear it was November !

So guess where we are tonight, I mean the alpacas.....yes you've guessed it tucked up nice and dry in their sheds !....well a combination of barn for the girls and the building I made last year for the boys.

I have read Marks blog...the Mighty Patou and he is not a happy bunny.....this weather is 'pants'....and I do hope that his alpacas don't have too rough a night.....and he has James the shearer coming first thing in the morning......this is the kind of weather when you could do with keeping your fur coat on !....typical.

I hope all goes well for them down at the Mighty Patou and I hope that the sun shines bright no damp clouds......heres hoping.

Why is it that the weather is rubbish, just after you have your animals sheared. It happens to me every year !! I hope that the new arrivals are finding a bit of dry shelter at Barnacre and Coire Alpacas....they have new babies, just days/hours old...

Spot the Gargoyle, on the roof !!......

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Perry Wheeler said...

They certainly look cosy