Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Big Jobs require Big Kit !!...Now that's what I call a sprayer !

What about that for a sprayer, its marvellous when you have the 'kit' to do the job just how easy it is !
I'm talking about weed killing, we have been blighted with dockings so there was nothing else for it other than to get the professionals in.

Needless to say the animals needed to be re-accommodated, hence the babies are back in with the girls, I know its the fastest weaning known to record, but all seems to be well. No problems so far with trying to feed, the mothers have definitely weaned the babies and thankfully both of the girls have stopped producing milk.

This was a decision that I had to make as we needed to have the majority of the fields sprayed. So it looks like this is the plan for at least 10 days as the fields need to be rested.

If we encounter any problems I shall have to have a re-think, but all seems well for the moment. I would normally keep them separated for a lot longer, but needs must.


Mark said...

Crikey Jayne that's proper farming!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I know....Just to clarify, I was not driving this one !!...but I was impressed by the machinery that turned up to do the job, so I got the camera out !!..and watched the weeds/docks are already responding to the treatment, I would have been on for years with the nap-sack sprayer !!....Jayne