Thursday, 14 May 2009

What are they on !!

Last week my parents came up to visit, they had been on holiday to the Isle of Sky as a treat for my Dad, who celebrated his 70th Birthday in April.

As a surprise Birthday present I had a garden Wheel-Barrow made from a local nursery. My dad has been going on and on about a new one for the garden. He had no idea that I was scheming to get him one.
So, here's the proof of the pudding....he was delighted with his surprise, the look on his face said it all..........!!! the only problem was, would it fit into the car to get it did !

We had a lovely week, jobbing about on the farm, there's been a lot going on, fencing, I managed to get my wood store made, the only problem now is, we just have to fill it with wood... the garden has been fenced and I made a nice arch-way to house the clematis, I have been promising it an arch for at least three years that I know of.

Also here's a picture of the newly painted Post-Knocker.....its got some work to do, you've just got to look at all those posts in the background and the arch-way with my lovely Deer Bell that my parents bought me as a little pressie.

The post-knocker has had a face lift and is ready for action, the list goes on !! here's a few pictures of the improvements......

My Mam and Dad bought me a lovely Deer Bell and there was only one place to put it !.... I think it looks nice over the arch-way.

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Debbie said...

Good to see you again. I don't know how I missed this!

Great photos.