Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Computer ... Gremlins !!

Zanubis taking a rest.....after his big shearing day !
The boys a whole lot lighter ...... ....and yes, Zaninni is still wearing his hat !!

I have been away from the blog and computer for a few days, we have had one or two technical problems.....far beyond my basis computer ability ! Needless to say that the computer had to go away for some 'first aid' treatment and a good overhaul !!

As usual, the very fact that you don't have the access to the Internet means that you obviously need to use it, its was missed and it seemed to take ages.

I have been busy though, we managed to get the hay baled, we did battle against the heavy showers that we have been experiencing....however we got the ok at the weekend and went for it ! Just as well we did as we had the down pour from hell on Sunday !!


Debbie said...

I still can't believe the difference in Zanubis without his fleece!
Glad to hear you got they hay baled.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I know...hopefully you will see his fleece soon !!....I think he is going lighter, even in the short time he has been sheared...more grey showing through !!!...