Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Little Taste of Success !! .....its sweet !!!!!

Zanzibah Zakhura, takes fourth place ! with her fleece.

Zanzibah Zanubis, takes 3rd place, with his fleece.

After my last visit to see my parents in May I popped over to see Debbie at Barnacre Alpacas as she had been having a bit of 'bad-luck' Golden Guinea had had an accident and he was recovering from his ordeal.

We got to talking about 'shows'. I didn't purchase my animals to show, I hadn't even thought about it ...... ! to cut a very long story short, I was persuaded by Debbie to enter the fleece class at the Border Union Show at Kelso. I gave it a bit of serious thought and decided to give it a go, just for the 'Hell of it' .....why not .... I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained, so to speak.

Now, ..... I know that some have spent large and small fortunes out there purchasing their alpacas......with a great deal of serious thought, about their future intentions building their herd, taking great pride in their animals, the highs are fantastic.....up in the clouds, on top of the world .............. however the lows are extremely cavernous and we all get lost in those at some point, owning these very special curious creatures.

This is one of those lovely highs !!!!!........ we did enter the show. We even were placed !! Having our own 'little haul' of rosettes. I'm busy thinking of which wall to put the display cabinet on !!!!!! ....(only joking).

Zanzibah Zanubis was awarded 3rd place in the junior Grey class. Apparently I have been informed by a reliable source.....that we were beaten by half a point for second place, how close is that.... both the first and second places were awarded to females, Zanubis was the first placed male in his class.

Zanzibah Zakhura was awarded 4th place in the junior Black class, so we were delighted and obviously it was a brilliant feeling to get the news. I did not attend the show as it is miles away. Maybe we need to have more of this in Scotland. I might even have the bug.

I entered just as a little bit of fun, it was the taking part that counts, also it is nice to know that there are other experienced people out there who think that we deserved a place, a little pat on the back, how nice is that.

I entered three fleeces, so two out of three isn't bad ! I understand that there was just short of 150 entries for the fleece classes.

I am 'chuffed to bits' that my little Zanzibah bunch done us proud, flying the flag for the Scottish Alpaca breeders.......we might be miles away.....but were trying !!!!!

Just to round off, I am waiting to have the rosettes posted up to me, also for some pictures of the exciting news, for us here at little old Zanzibah.

I must congratulate Debbie, for persuading me to enter and get into the spirit of things. Also on her fantastic success with Legend, who strolled off with Supreme Champion.

What an honour, a brilliant day all round.


Rosemary said...

Many, many congratulations! You must be over the moon! A great achievement.

Debbie said...

A very big WELL DONE Jayne. I know how fantastic it feels to win that first rosette, Barnacre only started showing last year so the feeling is very fresh in my mind.
I hope that it has given you the bug, I'll be expecting to see you there again next year and may the Hope show!

And thanks again for you call of congratulations to Legend and his fellow show winners.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Congratulations! You never know until you try :-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

As the silent half of Zanzibah alpacas I must congratulate Jayne and all the furry friends for their success at the show. Well done on a job well done long may it continue..

Rob Rawlins said...

Congratulations Jayne. Well done indeed.

Rob and Les

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thank-you very much for all your kind comments. They are much appreciated.......its nice to know so many people take the time and interest to read my blog and my little alpaca adventure.... Jayne

Mark said...

Wahey!!! Zanzibah Alpacas have arrived on the show cicuit!

Very well done!

Hopefully see the Mighty Zanzibah in the ring one day!!

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

yehey!!!! well done indeed our northern cousins!!!!!! you must be delighted! love the rosettes. get them up on the wall!!!

Gerry said...

Ha! I told you should be getting involved in showing Jayne! Well done to the Z crew!

Perry Wheeler said...

Well done. It does feel good to win doesn't it.

The hardest part is taking that step to enter your first show.

Sarah and Perry