Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Girls.....after Shearing Day !!

All girls together....
Enjoying the newly......cut hay !

Zakhura.... with a mouth full !

There'll be none left at this rate .....

Here are a selection of photos of the girls after shearing day, they look very different.

Trienza and Tremona have now been introduced into the main herd along with the other girls, both are mixing well and appear to be settling in. Tonight I have been hand feeding Trienza, both girls are real sweeties....Tremona in sniffing my hand, but she is not as confident as Trienza.....all in good time.

The girls are enjoying their freedom from their fleeces, they have been rolling around and running about like youngsters, when they were returned back to the field after shearing....they all tore off around the field in a lap of honour...they looked fantastic !

We are trying to hay-make at the moment....needless to say the girls are enjoying the add-lib never of semi-dried hay !


Debbie said...

They look great and are certianly enjoying the hay. Have you pointed out that if they eat it all now they wont be any left for winter!!

Lucy said...

They look great - alien stick insects just like ours! It takes a while to get used to them again. We are having trouble working out who is who among the whites now. Love that hay!