Monday, 2 November 2009

Oh....what a night !!

The calm, before the storm...
Moo Coo's....on the hill

Resting, before the torrential weather...

Oh........what a night....we have been battered by gales, torrential rain and to round it all off a power cut !!...

Just to round off a horrendous night....our little track which leads up to the farm has been subject to flooding, which has washed the track away just by the bridge which crosses the burn.

However our neighbours are in the process of repairing it, they have dropped a load of rock near to the bridge, where there once was land !! I went down this evening to have a look at the burn and you could clearly see how far up the water had risen..

The land is saturated and there is evidence of flooding every where you look. Its had to believe that the land will dry out. Our local areas of Banff, Turriff have once again been flooded as the rivers have burst their banks, we are forecast more rain over the next 24 hours.

Thankfully I had all the alpacas tucked up safe and sound... the cows even came down off the hill, sure sign of bad weather !

Today, the wind has dropped and we have just had a scattering of light showers. So the animals have had a little time to dry out.

I hope that its not too bad for the rest of the week.. just the time when you could do with your wellies NOT having a hole in them !!!! ...........unfortunately. I will need to get some new ones.


Debbie said...

Poor you! It's been bad here too, Paul couldn't get through Low Angerton to get to work yesterday morning as it was flooded, so he had to go the long way round.

I'm already on my second set of clothes for the day despite having my full waterproofs on :-(

Mark said...

Sorry to hear Jayne, the price you pay for being Northern people.
Down south the sun is shining and it is a balmy 15 usual!!!