Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sleet, Snow and a Bitterly Cold Wind ....

Girls grazing a sunny winters day !
Norris..... not so little now

Little Norris....with the younger boys this summer.

Zeto .... is growing up quickly.

Its definitely winter with a heading like that...its been freezing up here in Aberdeenshire...

Needless to say the alpacas were out and about, the babies did have their coats on today as it was a bitterly cold north the saying goes...'when the north wind doth blow we shall have snow'. I thought to myself this morning when I turned the alpacas out that it felt like it would snow. Just about 11.30am it did just that, we were blighted with a sleet blizzard for only a couple of minutes but never the less, its the first of the year.

I moved the younger boys back into their small paddock, as I had been resting it for a few weeks to let the grass recover. I decided to reintroduce Norris to the boys...they have meet before when he was a little lamb...he lived next to them. Zaninni would spend hours looking at him on the other side of the divide. Norris is a pet lamb, not so small now, he is quite funny. When he was introduced with the boys he spend his time chasing them....the alpacas were watching with amusement !....Norris was stotting around the boys and was really enjoying was really funny to watch. There was a nose sniff from Zaninni and Zanubis just to check out who it was. After a little while they all decided to get down to a bit of grazing.

So for now Norris has his friends back.... instead of looking at each other through the fence !


Debbie said...

Norris has certainly grown. Poor you, snow; it's been really cold here today and very very wet again :-(

Mark said...

Wrap up warm Jayne. Zeto looks magnificent by the way.