Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Weight in time....baby update !

Zienna ...a couple of weeks ago... she is doing well.
Zeto....left, Zullulah...front and Zienna...in the background.

Zeto is a very forward little chap ! and nosey ...

Today I managed to weight the babies.. just as a little indication how they are doing.

Firstly, there was Zeto ....he's a big chunky fella and full of mischief !... he weighed in at 14.5kgs, at just over 6 weeks old. His birth weight was 5.75kgs so he is thriving, he just helps himself and Dusty is a brilliant mother.

Second, is Zienna. She was a very slow starter and we did have a very difficult time with her, failing to feed or even bond with her mum when she was born. Now its a different story. Zienna and Minstrel are behaving as they should and she is also doing well. Zienna weighed in at 10kgs at just over 6 weeks.

Thirdly, Zullulah....she is a real quiet little baby, in fact Marquette would forget she had her if it was left to her ! So Grandma has stepped into the limelight and keeps a very close eye on her, if you didn't know it, you would actually think that Zullulah was Dusty's baby ! Zullulah is a week behind the others and is just over 5 weeks old, she weighed in at 8kgs.

All the babies are doing well and have gained at a steady rate, so this is the update on the Zanzibah bunch. I shall be weighing them again in December, all being well.


Debbie said...

They are allo looking really well. I'm waiting for my lot to dry out so I can weigh them again.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Very, very beautiful :-)