Thursday, 5 November 2009

Water, Water every where !...

Minstrel.... she has a 'spit' personality !!
Zienna and Zeto on the move.. now 6 weeks old.

Zullulah is now 5 weeks old.

After the torrential rain fall over the past couple of days, every where you look you can see little rivers.....appearing where there once was none !

Our drive has spouted two new water holes !!... but today we managed to find the culprit, to the new water feature on the drive....its a run off hole that has been flooded due to the excess water up in the ditch which runs down one of the fields.. this has been blocked in and thankfully it has started to dry up.

I had to laugh to myself the other day at Zullulah, when she was turned out with the others as they run across the track, usually with no problem. However on Tuesday we had so much rain there was a river running across the pathway. Zullulah decided to sit in it !! the others ran by, she then decide that it was a good idea to have a roll in it.

So much for a morning shower....she seemed to like it and continued until she realised that all the others had passed her and were in the field, she then got up and joined the others...needless to say dripping wet !

These little ones are funny. Quite innocent and every new experience is an adventure. Zullulah has a fascination with the water at the moment, until the land dries up.

Incidentally, my dry season has also ceased. I have been showered by Minstrel lately. She took great pleasure in giving me a ' sorting out' the other night. I was subject to the biggest and most violent onslaught that she could muster !!! .... I made the mistake of touching her baby ! When she had finished, I was definitely a disgusting shade of GREEN ..... and stinking to suit !..... she was threatened with being SOLD !!!... I was not happy...... she even managed to upset Zienna who sulked along with Zullulah. The other girls we standing watching with disgust, they could not understand what all the fuss was about.

I must admit, I felt the same way..... I retired into the house, after having a word ! her ear !!

Sadly it looks like the 'spitter' is back.... I've lost my little alpaca friend.... I think she suffers from a 'spit personality' ....or maybe it was just an off day !!..... we all have them.

Some more often than others.


Debbie said...

Maybe she was fed up of all the rain. If it makes you feel any better I got a coat full of green today from Ursula who was aiming at Angelus but forgot to turn in her direction!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah...the trials and tribulations of alpaca ownership.....I can think of better ways to enjoy the day...than a good green spitting !!.....these alpacas should come with visors !!.....Jayne