Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bitterly Cold....!

Sitting it out...in the bitterly cold !

The girls......on route out It has been freezing out this week !

The tree....a casualty of the gales !

The Nick Nacks.....

This week has been bitterly cold, with biting winds snow and ice !
I have been putting the alpacas out, however they are not bothered about sitting out in the freezing cold wind and the snow....the alpacas are very good and know their route into the 3 acre field.
I decided to take some pictures of them going out one morning......mind you, that day they were all waiting at the gate....before 3pm some shivering and couldn't wait to get into the barn to get at the haylage, all the animals just seem to love it and tuck into it as soon as they get in !
When I was moving some hay earlier, I noticed that I thought I had a tree down. I went to check and in the 10 acre field, one tree had snapped off...in the high winds the other night.
We have gotten off lightly I suppose and the wood will come in handy for the fire, there's another job on the 'to do list'.
We are currently skating on ice.....as we have had a bit of a thaw...but then frozen again....!
So its a bit tricky to say the least....I am waiting for the warmer spell forecast for the rest of the week.


Terry said...

Ah Jayne, I'm sorry the weather is bad. It makes our work that much harder. We are between storms here - the next one is due tomorrow night.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Usually we can feel some empathy...but we have missed the snow and frost this week...it does look lovely with you, especially when compared to mud...but I am sure not so great when you are working in biting cold. The nik naks do look great though!

Shirley said...

We certainly recognise the wintry landscape! Love the first photo of the wee ones cuddling up to their mums. Have a great Christmas Jayne. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

I think Iwould prefer your weather to ours - rain, mud, rain, wind, mud, mud . .

Happy Christmas - keep warm and unstuck!