Friday, 2 December 2011

What a difference a day makes !!

This is Zorba....tonight !! what an improvement !!

This was 1day ago.....when he was having his 3rd injection.

The view.....from the wood the other night.....when I was out with the dogs !

This was 2 days ago...with the lumps !!

Regular readers will know I have been treating Zorba for a very swollen sheath, I have one more injection to do.

However until yesterday, there was improvement, but he was still very swollen, I decided to turn to the homeopathy to help with this as I believed that the injections were dealing with the infection side of things, but the swelling was very apparent and there were a couple of swollen pockets that had appeared.

After a bit of research, I decided to order some Apis Mel 30c, this is used to treat swelling/inflammation and pain.

I received this in the post last night.....and unfortunately for me......there was a massive power cut ! six and a half be precise......I was wandering around in the dark....getting the candles out and the battery operated lights.......thankfully the power came back 9.30pm.

As I had received my homeopathy I went back down the barn to finish off the night time jobs....and gave Zorba his first dose......what an improvement some will be sceptical and have an air of doubt, but I am always very impressed by any results that I have had when I have treated my animals.....with homeopathy....I have obviously combined both forms of medicine and I believe that combined they have worked very well.

Zorba is much improved I think you will see that the swelling has reduced considerably, there is still a little way to go, but thankfully we are heading in the right direction.....

I'm hoping he will soon be back to his normal self, its hard to believe just how swollen he was. At this time of year I'm often racing against the most of us who have animals to look after........I'm grateful for facilities such as light......when you haven't got it.....sitting by candle light........its a long old night.

Thank goodness for the log keep me warm......lets hope I don' t have too many power cuts this winter !!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

We had an 8 hour power cut at Carol & Dave's last weekend.

All being well we will have some electricity of our own next week :-)

Terry said...

The boy looks much better. So glad your power is on - it's scary when you lose it and don't know how long it will be out.

The view is beautiful!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Oh poor boy that did look sore, hope the swelling goes down soon and good luck with the homeopathy.

Nightmare when you get a power cut, we had one the other night, but thankfully if wasn't for very long.

Rosemary said...

Glad the power is back - gets too dark too early for too many power cuts!

Homeopathy certainly seems to be doing wonderful things for him.

Shirley said...

You've certainly helped Zorba's problem in a delicate area. Well done for using a Homeopathic remedy too! Take care in this Wintry weather over there! Shirley & Robbie