Thursday, 2 May 2013

Happy Holidays, New Arrivals & Swallows Sighted !

It has been a busy week here with lots of new visitors and more new arrivals !  Irma and Kim helping with lots of jobs, this was one collecting stones from the field which will be left to grow to make hay.  I didn't think we would collect a full bucket of stones but it was quite a surprise to see how many we picked up.

The horses enjoy some grooming .... we have had a mixture of sunny days and cold rainy ones, we need some showers to kick start the grass to grow.  I have managed to trim some of the boys toes and trim some 'top nots' on the boys so they can see where they are going now.  Its nice to have a little extra help with some of the jobs that need more than one pair of hands.

Kim was in the driving seat, I think she enjoyed being behind the wheel, thankfully this was one of the nicer days. Last night I heard that sound that I have been waiting for summer friends, I looked up to the sky and saw 6 swallows sky diving and screeching .... that's a welcome sight... summer is just a sniff away ..... I love to see my summer swallows, they just make me happy.

On Monday evening I took delivery of some more hens, these are rescue hens that were desperately looking for a new home or they would not be here by now.  I have plenty of hens and lots of lovely eggs, but with every good cause, I can usually find some space.  I have managed to find room for 16 extra new ones.  These little girls are making great progress, quite allot of them were suffering from stress, sniffles and general illthrift.  I have given the ones that needed a multi-vitamin injection, also multi vitamins in their water, some needed antibiotic injections for snuffles.  After just three days the improvement is clearly visible..... I had one who could not stand and was really depressed, I didn't think she'd make it, but she is still here.  A bit wobbly but I have seen her walking a few steps, hopefully with a bit of love and care we can get her stronger and she will make a full recovery. 

The new arrivals, safe ..... I have already received 10 eggs from them.  I'm not into this commercial throw away society, especially when it involves little lives .... I have rescued lots of chickens in the past and they give lots of pleasure, lovely eggs and its great to know .... that every little helps. 

Kim, wearing her new hat and scarf .... especially hand crafted from the Lady Zanzibah Knitware selection.
Irma and Kim couldn't quite fit an alpaca in the car to take home so Kim bagged one of the designer sets from the House of Zanzibah and Irma took a car load of fleeces !!
I'm sure it will keep them busy for quite some time.  We have had a lovely few days, but its back to normal.  The summer preparation will be soon underway.  I have the hill to harrow and tape off from the horses in a week or so, weather pending, this is also set aside for haylage.
Then, its just a matter of a couple of months and the babies will be arriving all being well in July !  Roll on the summer.  Don't blink or we might miss it !!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

How lovely that the hens have found such a lovely new home...lets hope you are rewarded with lots of healthy, happy, female cria!

Rosemary said...

Alpaca births will soon be upon us!

Terry said...

I'm so glad the hens found a home with you :-)
We had one swallow fly over and keep on going - still too cold here, with nothing for the birds to eat.

Shirley said...

Yep, swallows are here too which is great, but the weather is still grim. Shirley & Robbie

Andrew said...

What a great blog. I thought I saw Swallows last week - I think the have turned round and gone back to Africa though. Must be too cold here !