Friday, 31 May 2013

Highland Holiday !!

Just look at those gorgeous babies ....I was in heaven !
Yesterday I felt like I was on holiday .... the sun was shining, I was near the sea and had a wonderful day in great company !!
I must confess, I did get very lost !!  trying to get there, had to overcome a road block, that I had drove down by mistake ..... after careful negotiation, well that wasn't going to stop me.  I was already over an hour late, I was rescued by Mabel .... who was at the other side of the road barriers !! 
Needless to say they were swiftly dealt with.  I arrived for a little visit to Highland Alpacas near Aberdeen.

Some of the younger boys, looking very handsome.  I was blinded by beauty, just loved them all !

This is Wallace, isn't he handsome.  Mabel and Imants have two lovely dogs, but the other one was too busy running around and causing mayhem. 

The stud boys are busy being macho.  The sun shone and I had a lovely tour round meeting all the animals. We spent the afternoon having a relaxing time in the garden enjoying the view. I took Doza with me as I didn't want him to be left at home all day, he was very well behaved and spent the afternoon being a good boy.

The girls and the youngsters looking lovely, you can see the sea beyond what a brilliant time I really enjoyed my day off. 

The view overlooking the paddocks back to the house.

                            Happy .... Happy .... Piggies !!

Look at these handsome boys .... Mabel has four pet pigs, I think this photo is fantastic .... just sums up the great day ..... these boys make my piggies look tiny !!  The time whizzed by and it was a wonderful day.  I eventually left around 9pm, after a lovely meal ... back home, which I found without getting lost !!  It was after 11pm by the time I got finished, just as well that it is the lighter nights.


Rob @ Wellground said...

So pleased you had a great day out. can't wait to visit Highland Alpacas later in the year. Rob

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Getting away for even a short time to somewhere different, can really recharge the batterys.

Terry said...

Fuzzy beauties!

Shirley said...

All looking good down the east coast then - glad you enjoyed your day out. Shirley & Robbie

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

No mention of a trip out on the BMW...Mabel obviously came to your rescue in a four wheeled mode of transport!

What a lovely looking herd at Highland. Sounds like a super day was had.