Saturday, 22 November 2008

Just a little Sprinkle of Snow.....Bitterly Cold Wind !!

Well, as promised we have had a sprinkle of snow, but the wind is bitterly cold, I think we due some more snow later this evening, after our little drama this morning. All was well with the boys when I brought them in tonight. As usual all were waiting at the gate by early evening, and the girls and babies were no different.

Have I mentioned that my herd are classified as 'Soft'....well what can you do, when all those little faces are waiting for you to get them in for their bedtime !...I have been noted to tell the odd storey or two !!!!... after tea.

So, we all tucked up nice and cosy, lets hope no more dramas tomorrow.. The babies enjoyed being out playing in the snow, something new to explore as they grow up.

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