Tuesday, 4 November 2008

We might have cracked it !!

I think we just might have cracked it, after three attempts to introduce my younger boys with my older males, I think we might have cracked it !!!!.....heres hoping.

For some reason, the ones that you expect to be a problem are not !...and the ones you are expecting to be ok are not......but it has taken three attempts and lots of trial and error, to introduce my young ones with the older males.

You can never tell which ones will get on with others and vica versa...for some reason, my older white male was not tolerating the younger white male, and to make matters worse, the younger white male kept humming and was intimidated by the older one, but all the others were fine, I wouldn't have minded, but he's not the youngest of the baby boys.....so we have had to introduce them gradually over several weeks, eventually bringing them all under one roof, in the new shelter, with partitions in to try and get the young one to relax in the older males company, without the threat of any bullying going on.....I have perservered and continued to run them out together in the field, we are getting there......and its nice to see no bullying going on in the field, just grazing.....I guess their like people, some like eachother better than others!! ........and some don't, but might tolerate eachother and get used to eachother eventually.


Lucy said...

Great news - let harmony reign. We have sheep in with our girls just now in a massive field. All seems calm! Lucy x

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh.....that 'ill keep the Alpacas amused, we've had a bit of a hick-up today, at sunset !!...spirits high and all that. But Im keeping positive.