Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Wonderful 'Thank-you' Gift from my Visitors!!

What a lovely surprise, I received today when I went to collect my post !

To my surprise there was a package in the post box, that had me wondering what on earth it could be, I am usually presented with the usual junk mail, bills etc, although I did get a little bit excited when the Alpaca Futurity mail arrived, but more to the point, my absolutely gorgeous Thank-you gift, from the Aspen Family, namely, Richard, Anne Charis, Mirian and the little ones.

So take a look at this.......isn't he lovely, I am thrilled with my hand knitted Alpaca Teddy !.....I thought that Anne had been busy on the spinning wheel, but apparently not !!....but I'm not complaining....I have had a look on the web site and there are some lovely gifts and items hand crafted....ok I'll tell you where he came from....but only because I have to.....www.traidcraft.co.uk.

My Alpaca Teddy has put a big smile on my face.....Thank-you very much for your kind gift. He will be treasured.

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