Saturday, 22 November 2008

A Bloody Nose !!!!!

Ah, today I went down to the alpaca shed to find Zaninni, my first born, so special indeed, having a coughing fit, he was not happy and was snorting and uncomfortable to say the least.

When I looked carefully at him, I could see that he had managed, I don't know how !. to have a long piece of hay stuck right up his nose !!, so I went to the rescue quickly and we managed to remove the offending item, he was relieved to say the least. But he was not a happy bunny !! he ended up with a bloody nose and he just about kept his self respect among the others. I felt sorry for him because he looked sorry for himself.....but it just goes to show, even a little bit of hay in the wrong place can do a bit of damage....we have photos to prove it, as I took my camera out to take some of the snow and ended up with a mini emergency !!!..Thankfully we are all recovered now and none the worse for our little hay experience. I gave him a big cuddle and we made it better !!!!, he is extra, extra soft !! but don't tell the others.

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