Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Exploring the Snow !!

Today was a lovely brisk wintery day, so I decided to have a walk around and take some more photos of the alpacas out enjoying the snow.

We have a good coverage of snow probably about 4/6". The winter sun was shining and the gang seemed to enjoy their time out playing and exploring their new environment.

Apparently we are forecast much more snow over the next few days, so we might even get blocked in !!!

Zanubis even managed to collect some more Docking Stalks !!, I have even managed to find out where he is finding them all from, the bottom of the field.

All the girls and the babies went down to the bottom of the field, found the docking stalks and proceeded to rub and lie down on top of them, so now I know. Thankfully, they fell off, over the course of the day, so no 'Spit fest' tonight.


Lucy said...

I think they obviously need a massage!!!! You could try that - see how you get on spit-wise. Or maybe not. Probably safer to let the dockens come off on their own. It is so tempting to pull stuff off - I try hard to resist that with the llamas as they really hate it. They get covered in twigs, leaves, you name it..... Our alpacas are filthy too, from rolling in the mud I think. One bad thing about the snow is you can see how off-white (dirty) the white ones are!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I know...the white ones turn grey when they get wet.....thankfully the colour does not run with the coloured ones !!!! more spit fest as of now , Im thinking of getting a visor fitted to my wolly bonnet !!!!!!!!!..Jayne x

Debbie said...

I too have a boy who loves to wrap anything and everything to him, his sister was exactly the same last year.

Thankfully theie mum is very laid back and will happily let you remove anything. I think she is pleased I occupy him for a few minutes as he likes to play with mum when the other cria are'resting'.