Saturday, 13 December 2008

HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!.........Ha.....Ha.....

Alexandera has won the X Factor !!!!!!!!!!!!!.......I know, you're asking yourself have I got nothing else to do on a Saturday night !!!....obviously not.....

Never mind, sitting in front of the telly, roaring fire, what else would a middle aged, country girl at heart be doing, apart from something constructive like, spinning my mounds of alpaca fleece up into something nice, or even dreaming of more alpacas........thinking of what weird and wonderful names I can come up with, for the pending new arrivals, all being well hopefully next year !!

Oh...did someone mention it was Christmas in two weeks, I suppose wrapping presents, getting into the festive spirit and eating to much....well that can be done through-out the year, can't it.

Enough of this dribble, I run the risk of going on about nothing, I might have something more informative later

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