Friday, 19 December 2008

Hang on to your Hat !!!!!.........

As I speak we are being battered by the mighty must be 80 miles/hour or even more out there....thankfully, I hope the alpacas are all tucked up in bed, so they should not blow away !!...I wonder if they will have any fleece left in the morning !

I must admit, I do wonder if we will have any roofs on in the morning, no doubt the baubles will have blown off the Christmas happens every year, I put the decorations on the tree in the garden and we are blighted by gales from hell !!

I have noticed that Santa has been early in Patou land.....must have a special early delivery slot !!....and there is some mighty fine pictures that have appeared on their blog, so much for the old excuse.....I don't know how to work it, and then you find the automatic/fool proof......button that turns you into an instant photographer. So there are no excuses about the picture quality for future photo shoots. I myself have a little digital camera, I feel that technology is leaving me behind at a rapid rate of knotts. So I will coninue to struggle to get my head around the technological advances. The good old spinning wheel is just about my pace. Although we have got the electric light up as far north as bonnie Scotland !

As there appears to be a photo opportunity here, hope you like these....not on automatic function either !, for some of us with a lot cheaper camera, ( jealousy gets you no-where) apparently !!

Have I mentioned Everett Green......its that time of year so, I will show you him shortly, I need to take some pictures. He comes out of his box this time every year, for the past 11 years. He is always greeted with excitement. Sings and dances better than Santa.

I have heard a rumour that there are places for Brown Alpacas, with red noses to pull this years sleigh, so if you have any get in touch with Santa, he needs a reserve sleigh pulling team.....for the far north of Scotland !!

Did you know that alpacas are preferred by Santa because, they can Hum....'Santa Claus is coming to Town' far better that any reindeer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha...Ha..

Enough of this dribble.....Merry Christmas to you All....and a Happy New Alpaca Year !....Bring on 2009, can't be any worse than 2008.....can it !!..time will tell.

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