Monday, 22 December 2008

Red Sky at Night !!!!

Tonight, I looked out of the window, just before bed time and I could not believe the beautiful sunset that greeted my eyes !! needless to say I did not hesitate, I got the camera out.....and without the automatic function !!!!...managed to take these lovely photos of the alpaca boys against the was a magical moment.


Mark said...

'Just before bed time'!?
What time do you go to bed up there? Surely you must have electricity in Scotland.
That must have been about 4.30?

Nice photos Jayne.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now then......'bed -time'..I'll have you know, now thats the Alpacas....!!!...Not me !
Im a night owl....I have been told,I sit up for hours, twittering on...The electricity in these parts is limited, by how fast you peddle...I think it was about 4ish....Hows that camera doing, shall I see it on Ebay !!I could do with a good one myself.Although it does depend on the skill of the one in control, I have been told....Jayne

Lucy said...

4.30??? It gets dark around 3 here!!!!!