Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Well you asked for it !!!.......Herd Names !!

Well here goes, on the subject of herd names, I have been asked to account for myself regarding the name I picked for Zanzibah Alpacas.

So....where do I begin, It took me a long time to save for my Alpaca purchases and there was one good excuse to mention the dreaded 40th..birthday !!.... any one would have done at the time but it was that one....so,

As I was raiding the piggy bank, I had plenty time on my hands to think of a weird and wonderful name, me being a piece an, were quite creative and have a good imagination, have I mentioned my stories I have written....Gerry and Lucy know about them....I did bore them with the one about Sarah Bonnet!!!...shes is a legend in the chicken shed...oh !...see I have gone off the track already. I feel the need to mention that Im a little girl at heart, trapped in a larger adult body !!

After some weird and wonderful creative experience, I came up with the name of Zanzibah Alpacas, this came about solely because, after lots of thinking, I decided that I could actually draw the name and make an alpaca design out of it !!...strange though it may seem, I actually picked the name, because I like it and for that sole purpose.....so I designed my logo myself and drew the famous Zanzibah Logo, Just in case you have not seen it, here it is, I also came up with a mnemonic to go with the logo, Im sure you have seen this on my earlier blogs...Come on Mark you know what one of those is !! doing your day job..

So thats the story behind the Zanzibah name....now you know...as simple as that !


Mark said...


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

By, your quick !!!

Debbie said...

Fantastic, you are obviously extremely creative.

Mark said...

Actually Jayne, in the nicest possible way, I think you might be a little bit mad!

But I love what you are doing!