Sunday, 8 February 2009

Just what you don't need in an Emergency !!

This is the type of weather you could do without in an emergency...if we did not have the tractor, the little 4 x 4, we would have been completely stuck !

But thankfully, we were not....the Suzuki came to our rescue and did the business to get Zonda to the vets, more than once on the 'hurry up'.

The tractor, with a home made snow plough !....well ok its a bit of telegraph pole tied onto the tractor, but it works just fine, to help clear the track, as some know who has visited us, we live about 1/2 mile up a stone track.

When we get blocked in, we usually get the snow blowing across the fields and you're going no

We usually get blocked in every year usually for a couple of days at least. If you can't get down the track, you can't get up the hill at the end of the track, so you are stuck...but thankfully we got out...we needed to.

We had considered going to the vets with the tractor if we had to, but it would have been a slow journey, about 8 miles away !


Lucy said...

Yes, we had the same problem when finlay was ill - hence going to Aberlour for the weekend. Luckily we avoided hospital though. I do hope Tadpole is back to herself soon. Poor you and her. Well done spotting the problem.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for the get well wishes, we have been very lucky with the 'Tad'- Zonda is resting after her operation, hopefully she will make a full recovery, in time.

We just have to nurse her back to health !.....Im baby-sitting !..Jayne