Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snow Go.......Mud Fever !!!!!


Its official we have exchanged the snow for Mud....fever !!...sloshing around in the mud, the alpacas do not like the mud...either !!

Apparently, we are forecast more snow for the weekend...who knows. I am waiting for the spring, the snow drops are here and its just a matter of time for the golden Daffodils to appear.

Daisy has had her first lifting job, she did very well, 40 bags of alpaca feed arrived on we went to the rescue to lift it off the lorry, as it cannot get down our track.

So our alpaca cupboards are stocked for a few months and our friends Coire Alpacas have more alpaca feed for the coming months, its always nice to have lots of feed in, just in case. You cannot buy it from the local Agri shops up here, so we bulk buy direct from the manufacturers.

I saw a Red Squirrel yesterday, up the wood, I feed the birds and the squirrels on the edge of the wood, Im always pleased to see the birds, we have lots of them, I like to help feed them all through the winter months.

If I remember to take my camera I will try and get a photo. I used to have a red squirrel come into the garden last winter, but I was concerned that the cats would catch it, so I decided to put the peanuts up on the edge of the wood. To stop it coming down into the garden. Why is it that the cats seem to always catch the wrong things, although Slinky, one of my farm cats is a brilliant hunter, she is regularly on night patrol, in the barns.


Alpaca Granny said...

I will be picking up 25 bags of PacaNutrition next week. We do the same thing - several farms go together.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

It seems to be the way to go ! just can't get the stuff any you have to bulk buy !....Jayne