Monday, 9 February 2009

We Do Not Like the Snow !!

Well it has been confirmed by more than us, its official, the alpacas do not like the lot have been tip-toeing around...looking more like 'Tod Carty' skating on ice !!....where have those graceful paces gone....there more like aliens on the white stuff.

If I knew how I could post a little video clip to prove it, but sadly I can't I don't have the computer skill...haven't had the its down to your imagination I'm afraid.

The boys have been fixed to the hay ring in the field...once they have made their way over, you would think that they have been stranded...and can't move.

The girls have huddled around the hay net tied on the gate, similarly they have not ventured far at all.

The babies are light enough to tip-toe on top of the snow, however the adults sometimes manage it, but sometimes step through the snow, there not happy with all this white stuff....

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Lucy said...

Llamas don't mind it - that's official! Our alpacas have been seen trotting through it to get to the feeders but otherwise are glued to the hay bale too!