Sunday, 22 February 2009

On the Mend......Hopefully !

Just a quick update regarding Zonda...we were at the vets on Saturday, for the remaining stitches to be taken out. So as we speak Zonda is stitch free !!....We have had several trips to the Vets.

Zonda is still on anti-biotics and has a few more to take, just to be on the safe side, regarding her slow, but hopefully continued recovery from her operation.

This has been quite an ordeal for all of us, especially Zonda, the vets were very concerned about just how ill she has been and the added complications of blood poisoning, due to the build up of toxins in her system, hence the extended cover of anti-biotics.

Zonda is gradually eating, more each day and we have quite a mission to get her back up to weight. As she lost quite alot of condition due to her illness.

However, we have our fingers crossed that she is now on the mend, we will be back to the vets in early March, for a weigh-in !


Debbie said...

Glad to hear things are on the up with Zonda.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thanks Debbie....were keeeping our fingers crossed !...all goes well..Jayne