Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some like it Hot....

Some like it hot, apparently, however I know that there are some followers of this blog who question my sanity, but this post has been inspired by Debbie of Barnacre Alpacas. So its not just me who does this sort of thing. I know one would ask the question, do I have nothing else to do, but believe you me there is method in my madness.

Yes, I'm talking about Alpaca Poo.....briquettes, for the fire, when I saw the Countryfile episode with Barnacre Alpacas, I saw Debbie making very good use of her alpaca poo, so I was inspired to do the same. I have an endless supply of poo from different sources ranging from, alpacas, horses, cows and take your pick !

I have been making my press today and could not resist the first go, so off I toddled into the field for a first it worked no problems, now I know some are thinking by now, how could you want to do this, volunteering to pick up poo.....but in a strange way I really enjoyed it, not smelly, it was quite pleasant if the wind was not blowing a gale, I had more trouble struggling to keep the plastic bin liner under control than anything else.

So here are some photos of the result.....I shall tell you how it burns when it has dried take your pick........Roasted, Sizzling or just Burn it.......on the begs the question...some like it hot !!!!


Debbie said...

Great!! You would not believe the amount of emails I had following the Countryfile programme about poo bricks - I think we have started something here.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I think you have.....maybe its just mad alpaca owners that you will find collecting and burning the stuff....but I am tempted to try the other flavours !!...I'll let you know I might even carry out a scientific poo trial !!...Jayne

Perry Wheeler said...

I'm at the same stage - made the brick maker and have my first ones drying.

Debbie, if you read this - patent it quickly, if these work well you're onto a gold (or something) mine!