Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy Birthday to ME !!.....

Well, I guess you have noticed that it was my Birthday today, I know I am now middle aged !!!.....however, the reality is that I am still a little girl at heart !..

So, not only does this mean that I reached the grand old age of mmmmmm 43!!. But it also means that Zanzibah Alpacas was now officially established for more than 3 years, as I got my first alpacas for my 40th Birthday present.

Oh, how time flies...so I spent the day with my animal friends, it was a lovely sunny day up here in Scotland, needless to say I also took some photos to record the day.

I treated my self to some Birthday cake and received lots of lovely cards and presents, I was even surprised by my present from John, I have mentioned before, that I would love a bow and archery set, and guess what, exactly...that's what I got,a 'take-down' bow so Robin Hood, move over, I've been out dusting off the Life Insurance Policy, just to make sure its still valid.......the targets were placed on the straw bales, and guess who was up for the competition, to get the first arrow in the Gold.....and guess who did,
ME.....exactly, now keep it a secret but don't tell anyone, that it might have been a fluke, there was lots of skill involved, I couldn't possibly tell you what I did, coz I don't exactly know.......what I did.

But the main thing is that I WON !!!!!...on my Birthday !!!....what a lovely way to spend your time, enjoying the spring sun with nothing else to do, but treat yourself to a day off.....

Here are a few more of the photos of the day, including some of the Alpacas enjoying the sunshine, and one of me dressed as usual !!....in my Glad Rags..!!


Debbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jayne!! Hope you had a fantastic day.

Annagram said...

Happy Birthday Jayne! The sun really shone for you today. I wondered what your mystery parcels were but who would have thought?
I will be 43 too in a couple of months. see you soon love Anna

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I also wondered what the parcels were...now I know....Im practicing my archery skills !!....so if you plan a visit.....bring your body armour !!

Thank-you for the Birthday wishes !!....Jayne

Lucy said...

Happy belated birthday! A bow set. Fabbydoo! Sounds like great fun. I have done a bit of archery myself you know (so has Gerry).