Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Not out of the woods ......Yet !

This is a little update regarding Zonda, my Dogue de Bordeaux. We were at the vets on Monday, as things were not as they should be !

Zonda has developed a large lump where her surgery was. So off to the vets, it appears that somehow the vet thinks that her muscle has broken down around the surgery site. She has been scanned to check for any abnormalities. Its difficult to tell and the vet would like her to gain more condition before we contemplate any more investigative surgery again..

We have to take her back on Monday for another check-up, we are still trying to gain some condition onto Zonda, but its taking some time, the vet is concerned that if things do not settle down naturally, we might have to face another operation !

I hope not, but I get the feeling we are not out of the woods just yet!


Debbie said...

Poor Zonda, hope she is soon back on top form.

Lucy said...

Hope she's better soon. Lovely cat!