Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Some regular readers will remember that it was my Birthday a couple of weeks ago, one of my presents was an 'Owl Box'....I have often mentioned that I would like an owl nesting box to place on the edge of the wood.

I have heard the owls terwitt-tawooing on a night time from the edge of the wood. So all that was neeeded was 'King Kong' to get the thing up the tree....I watched from a distance, I picked out the tree and it was a case of .....this bloody thing weights a tonne.....hand made from our friend Roger who specialises in the construction of quality wooden buildings/stables etc.,

When I was presented with it on my birthday I honestly thought it was a ferret house, I was quickly corrected and informed that it was an owl nesting box.......there must be some big owls up here !!

It did cross my mind that it would take a very big tree and a strong man to fix it !....

Anyway, it has been sited and looks great up on the edge of the wood.....I do hope that we get some wildlife to use it......knowing my luck....I have a sneaking feeling I might find the cat or even a squirrel in there.....we will see, I shall keep you posted, who decides to use it.


Rob Rawlins said...

Hi Jayne,

We now have 3 owl boxes on our farm. They were positioned by the Hawk and Owl Trust. Two are new for this year. Over the last two years our existing box was enhabited by a family of Little Owls.

We wish you luck with your box. It's really fantastic when you get the owl chicks fledging.

Good luck with it.


Mark said...

Good luck Jayne I am sure any self respecting owl in the vicinity will be in there as quick as a flash!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thanks guys, I hope so, I would be thrilled if the owls decided to use it,....If this is a success I have a few other trees on the edge of the wood.....I might even make a few more myself....maybe not so big. It would be fantastic if we got a little family of owls in there, I shall keep you posted how we get on over the summer !...Jayne

Alpaca Granny said...

Wow! I would love a nest of owls. Let us know if the box works.